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7 Travel Tips To Keep You Organized

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

There is nothing worse than spending time making sure you have every single thing you could need for a trip packed up in your suitcase only to not be able to find it once you arrive at your destination.

Instead of re-buying everything of necessity or dumping out your whole bag in a frustrating search for that one sole chapstick, let me fill you in on some of the easiest tips to keep you organized on your next trip.

Travel Organization Hacks
7 Travel Tips To Keep You Organized

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1. Use Packing Cubes

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Using packing cubes is the easiest way to not only consolidate space in your suitcase but also will keep you so much more organized.

Pack all your shirts in one cube, pants in another, dresses in a third, etc. This way you don’t have to dig through to the bottom of your back for that one piece of clothing buried underneath everything else. A good rule of thumb is if it can’t fit the item in the cube you don’t need it.

Consider packing a few extra ones in the front pocket to store dirty laundry too.

2. Keep A Photo Album In Your Phone For All Vital Travel Information

Taking a picture of your parking spot is all fine and dandy until you can’t find it in your camera roll. Whether you’re screen-shotting ticket information, taking a photo of a train schedule, or trying to remember a restaurant you want to return to it takes only seconds later to add them to a “Trip” folder for easy access later.

I promise later you will thank yourself when you aren’t scrolling forever up and down because important information is buried in much more interesting vacation photos.

3. Use An Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer-The Cheapest Possible Travel Organizer ;)

Having a home for everything when you’re traveling will not only save you time but will help you become an even more efficient packer. Try using an over-the-door shoe organizer to store all miscellaneous items and toiletries.

Once you have everything you need in its little pocket, roll it up and when you’ve arrived at your destination

hang it over the back of a door, on a rack, or even pull out what you need and roll the rest back up in your suitcase.

Have little ones you’re traveling with? Consider putting their outfits together ahead of time and use the slots to

4. Download Your Airlines App

Not only is it convenient to be able to scan onto your flight with your phone instead of having to pull out your paper ticket, but many airline applications seem to have flight updates even quicker than the screens at your gate do. You can set up notifications to see when your flight is boarding, if it has been delayed, where your gate is located, and if it changes, etc.

Make a folder in your phone with all the apps you need throughout your trip for easy access!

5. Carry A Pouch To Store Important Documents

Even though we’re in the era of being able to do everything through our phones there are still a few things you’ll need in paper form; such as your passport/visa etc.

Consider buying a pouch only big enough to hold your passport/IDs, Vaccine cards, etc. and you can always toss it into a bigger carry-on later. It will be much easier than trying to reach the bottom of the bag to find it when you need it or remember which pocket you threw it in.

If you buy one that’s RIFD blocking you can carry money and credit cards in it as well. One of the simplest travel organization tips I've started to do for every single trip.

6. Keep A Travel Journal

Especially when you’re going somewhere new, a lightweight travel journal is such a good accessory to have with you in your carry-on. Ask your barista what their favorite place to eat is locally or your bartender if there’s any cool live entertainment you shouldn’t miss during your stay.

Think of it like a thoughts journal and jot down anything that is even relatively interesting. You’ll be shocked how fast it fills up and when you’re not sure what your next move is, or what to do next you’ll have a whole list of amazing ideas and recommendations already ready to go.

7. Don't Overpack

I know this one is a lot easier said than done, but once you’ve finally cut down all your stuff and you think you packed lightly enough, cut down again. There’s a chance a lot of the items you’re packing you won’t even use and the less you have, the less you have to keep track of and not lose. Need more help? Check out these tips here!


I hope some of these tips keep you organized and stress-free on your next adventure. Remember, especially when you’re on the move, a little bit of organization goes a long way!

Need a little more help staying organized? Here are 6 More Packing Tips To Save You Time and Money. and make sure to check out these packing must-haves all under $10's too!

Sending love from Indiana <3

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