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8 Travel Essentials For Every Type of Trip

Updated: Jan 31

Under-packing and over-packing can both be pretty big problems when it comes to traveling. However, there are always basics to cover in every trip. Whether the trip is multiple suitcases or carry-on only, hot or cold, glam or muddy, here's what we're confident you'll need no matter what.

Travel Products: SleepKeeper
Pictured SleepKeeper in color Jade: The perfect travel companions that we don't plan on ever leaving at home!

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#1 Brita Water Bottle

Not only can plastic water bottles be ineffective if you're trying to save money, but over time, they can also shed microplastics into your water. Do yourself and the environment a favor and invest in a good travel water bottle.

Our favorite? A self-filtering bottle. Filters tend to last two months or more at a time before needing a change and are small enough to easily pack if you plan on being on a longer journey. This way, no matter what spigot or fountain you find to fill up your water, you have the confidence of mind that your water will be safe for your gut and good for your gums.

#2 Portable Power Bank

Traveling in a foreign country can be stressful enough, let alone with a dead phone. There’s nothing more frustrating than charging and packing a battery pack only to have it drained before it can fully charge up your device.

Invest in a good battery pack and take care of it. It’s even better if your battery pack has a USB output. That way, no matter where you are in the world, and even if your adapters don't fit into the wall, you have a good backup.

#3 A Good Travel Backpack

A good travel bag can alleviate unnecessary stress when traveling. Choosing what features are most important to you on a bag depends on your travel style.

For example...

-If you spend lots of time outside, must your bag be waterproof?

-If you fly often, does your bag need to be small enough to be used as a standard carry-on?

-Do you need to store a laptop or device safely?

Our favorite travel backpack is the Nordace Sienna II Smart Backpack. With an external laptop sleeve to easily pull out your computer for TSA, water bottle pockets, plenty of space and pockets for organization, and even an external plug to charge your phone, the bag is perfect for almost every trip.

#4 Locked Combination Bags

If you spend any time sleeping in airports, hostels, or any public place, carrying a locked bag can provide additional security.

It is still important to be mindful of your surroundings, but having a lock on your passport, currency, vaccine, visas, etc., would make sure none of them are loose lying in your pockets for anyone to easily snag.

#5 Travel Jewelry Case

Tangled necklaces and lost earrings can be a thing of the past with a little help from a travel jewelry case organizer! Take as little or as much as you want.

If you’re a frequent traveler or even just a spur-of-the-moment person, it’s so easy to store your most worn accessories in this travel jewelry box at home. When it’s time for your next adventure throw the whole box in the bag and bolt out the door!

#6 Over-The-Door Hanging Travel Organizer

Like the jewelry box, an over-the-door hanging travel organizer is one of those travel accessories you can also use at home!

Hang it over your bathroom door and keep it packed with all the toiletries you need for any trip. Chapstick, extra toothbrushes and toothpaste, makeup, face wash…you name it. It’s so easy to roll up this hanging travel organizer and throw it in your suitcase when it’s time to go. When you open it back up, you can easily locate anything you need wherever you make your next temporary home.

#7 Sleep Keeper

Did you know one of the easiest ways to get a good night's sleep while on the road is using your pillow from home? Sleep Keeper is a sleeve meant to keep your pillow clean while reducing its bulk to make it easy to travel with. Count it as your item and slip it on your suitcase handle for easy access on your next trip.

Not sold quite yet? Let us help convince you with our guide on how to get good sleep no matter where in the world you are. Read more on "5 Ways To Help You Get Good Sleep While Traveling" right now!

#8 Portable Handheld Steamer

Our hands-down absolute favorite travel product of 2023 that we not only didn't know we needed but will never travel without ever again is a portable steamer.

Especially if you’re working when you’re traveling, it can be difficult to keep a professional appearance living out of a carry-on.

Whether you've taken the time to fold your clothes properly or roll them into packing cubes…or even if you try only to pack clothing that doesn’t wrinkle, it's almost impossible to maintain that crisp and clean look.

Despite some hostels and hotels providing access to an iron or ironing board, we advise ironing at your own risk and keeping your fingers crossed that old irons don't burn holes or leave stains on your clothes.

The portable steamer was an absolute game-changer for us. It heats up so quickly that even when in a rush, your clothes will be wrinkle-free in minutes. The steamer also comes with a travel bag and different attachments for different types of clothes.

A Few More Travel Must-Haves Just For Fun...

Luggage Scale: Don’t be the person re-organizing all your bags at the luggage check-in. Always keep it in the front pocket of your favorite suitcase, and you’ll never have to look for it when it’s time to pack!

Packing Cubes: This is always a good idea and a simple concept. It will keep you organized and help you fit more in your bag.

Makeup Eraser: No more wasteful make-up wipes, just a little water, and all the grime of the travel day is gone!

Wall Adapters: Having a couple extra in your carry-on is NEVER a bad idea. You never know when they may just come in handy for you or someone else!


Don't forget to check out the full Amazon list with everything mentioned above.

Is there anything you can’t travel without that I left off this list? Let me know in the comments below so I can find my next favorite accessory!

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