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Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Travelers

As the season of love approaches, we know quite a few of you are sweating in your seats trying to figure out the perfect gift for the globetrotter in your life. If your sweetheart is always up for a new adventure but plane tickets may not be an option this year, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! We’ve curated a list of perfect Valentine's Day gifts that will perfectly supplement a traveler lover's lifestyle. 

8 Travel-Themed Products Valentines Day Gift Guide

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Instax Camera

Although we live in an electronic world, there’s just something beautiful and romantic about having a memory captured on film. Instax Cameras are small enough to throw in your carry-on without the price tag or size of a standard camera. Capture a photo no matter where in the world you are and have it instantly printed to keep with you in your passport or to give away to a friend or lover to cherish.

Instax Mini 11 Camera

Atlas Coffee Club Subscription

If the first place your hubby tends to visit in a new country is a local coffee shop, we’ve found a way to bring that fresh local brew feeling back home. With coffee beans shipped from 50+ countries all over the world, an Atlas Coffee Club subscription delivers fresh roasts monthly to your front door, along with a postcard and the unique history of each bag.

Atlas Coffee Club Subscription

Phone Charging Passport Holder

There’s nothing more annoying than dumping out your backpack on the airport floor to find your portable battery charger in a race against time before your phone goes dark. With a passport case with space for a portable charger, credit cards, and other important documents, you’ll be back on Facetime with your sweetheart in no time. 

Phone Charging Passport Holder

Universal Yums

If you and your partner’s favorite part of traveling is trying all the new and different foods and snacks, why wouldn’t it be? Universal Yums is the perfect gift that you’ll be eagerly awaiting its arrival each month. You’ll receive not only addictive and popular snacks from all over the world from countries you pre-select but also informational trivia packets and games about your new favorite snacks. 

Universal Yums Subscription


Traveling tends to bring on certain levels of stress that even the best of relationships sometimes can fall to. Little arguments are bound to happen between couples when abroad, especially when both parties are exhausted. We’ve found the thing that helps you and your partner get the best night's sleep on the road is traveling with your pillows from home. SleepKeeper is here to keep those pillows clean and compressed so they won’t take up any unnecessary space, and your dreams will be as sweet as ever. 

SleepKeeper Pillow Sleeve

Nordace Backpack

If you’re the master of keeping your partner organized at home, and they always seem to be digging through their bags to find what they packed, the Nordace travel backpack could be your sweetheart's new best friend. (Outside of you, of course.) With individual sleeves and pockets for about everything you can imagine, including an external laptop sleeve and luggage-carrying sleeve, getting packed and organized will be that much more of a breeze.

Bonus points if you purchase the matching packing cubes….

Nordace Backpacks

Travel Jewelry box

Every woman needs a practical space to store her jewelry while traveling. Long gone are the days of ziplock baggies to hold our jewelry collection for the week. Keep all your necklaces tangle-free, and easily find everything you need for the day with a cute travel jewelry box.

Travel Jewelry Box

Touchland Hand Sanitizing Spray

With so many new friendly hands to shake and dirty surfaces to wipe off throughout a travel adventure, make sure your partner has a scent customized just for them, ready to go in their carry-on.

Touchland Hand Sanitizing Spray


For more travel essentials, read "8 Travel Products You Need For Every Trip" or visit the Travel Essentials Page on SLST.

Click here for the complete Amazon Traveler's Valentine's Day Gift Guide.

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