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4 Ways Cruising Will Change After Corona

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

As the effects of corona continue to alter our everyday life, there are many, including myself, starting to daydream of life after this mess. As much as we would love everything to go back to normal right away, it will be a long process-especially if traveling is in your plans.

MSC Divina
The beautiful MSC Divina docked in port

The way we understand transportation as is, and getting around, in general, will change dramatically.

I’m afraid to say, some industries will be affected for quite a long time even after travel bans are lifted and people begin to exit their quarantines. So before you book that ticket to vacation around the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, take some time to consider how things will change.


Here are 4 things I predict will change about the way we cruise "post-corona"

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1. Frequent Temperature Checks

Embarking on the ship will take more time than ever. Passengers will likely have to pass a basic health exam their first time in the embarkation terminal.

At the very least, temperatures will be checked upon boarding the ships at the security checkpoints and spike in a fever would either involve a quarantine until a test is available or even denied access to the ship in the worst-case scenario.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if the countries that are allowing the ship access scan temperatures as people pour out into their cities and towns as an extra precautionary step.

2. Limited use of cruise amenities

With precaution being higher than ever, amenities on board will probably be more limited than ever. Anything that could potentially transmit germs between passengers will be given out in controlled numbers or not offered at all.

This could be an array of things including, but not limited to

Ping pong balls/billiard tables/sporting equipment

Library books

Playing cards and board games

Electronic informational points (touch screen operated devices in general)

Gaming consoles or arcade games

Procedures will be different for every cruise line but more than likely there will be at least a few things that won’t be offered that usually are during your cruise experience.

3. Half capacity filled ships

Although it is already not common to have a ship that is full to absolute capacity, cruise lines may restrict those numbers even more. Theatres showings might increase as well as restaurant dining times to try to spread out the highest occupied parts of the ship when possible.

4. Re-arranged itineraries

Especially when cruising through smaller countries and islands, you should expect a big itinerary change. If a country doesn’t think they can contain a potential future outbreak, they may deny the ship's access even if no one on board is sick. They may even allow access to smaller ships, instead of larger ones or limit the number of ships that dock each day.

Crew members in Miami
We're ready to go back home too :)

This could lead to more days at sea or just a completely changed schedule based on what cities and countries are currently allowing entry.


Many of us are more than ready to get back on board. I may be more than anyone I know! But I strongly believe the transition will be rough.

Working onboard for years now, I can very confidently say, we frankly never know anything for sure. One way or another, cruising won’t be the same for now. Life will return to normal but with time and lots of patience.

Would you still book a cruise when you get the chance?? Let me know in the comments!


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Until next time, much love to all my travelers and cruisers alike!

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