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13 Things To Do Onboard MSC Seascape

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

With so many new and sparkling cruise ships launching off into the sea, how do you know if a ship is right for you and your family or friends? What does each new ship have to offer?

After spending quite some time onboard MSC’s newest addition to the fleet, MSC Seascape, here are the top 12 things that make her unique and what you just can’t miss on your next sailing with her.

MSC Seascape Docked In Nassau Bahamas
MSC Seascape Docked In Nassau Bahamas

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1. Cabaret Rouge

The Italian decor onboard MSC Seascape definitely glitters, but each lounge has its own personal style. The suavest place onboard carries a “burlesque” styled energy and will be an absolute highlight to your at-sea experience. Located at the very back of the ship the lounge is lined with windows that romanticize the moving sea in its view. Though the bar is not open til later, it is the perfect spot to find some peace and quiet in the mornings away from the loud and crowded pool decks.

In the evening it really shows its glory. From a wide variety of entertainers such as magicians and hypnotists that change every week to a live band and singers present, it has a packed evening of entertainment almost every night of your cruise. Make sure to find time in your schedule to experience the Cabaret.

2. Robotic Arm

Seascape made history with the first-ever robotic arm at sea. Double-check the opening hours before you go, however, reservations are not needed. The arm rotates at three different speeds for the milder or more adventurous thrill-seekers as it whips you above the pool deck. Often quite packed while at sea, if you’re looking for a shorter wait in line look for the opening hours during port time as well as later in the evening.

3. Seascape Speciality Restaurants

The specialty restaurants are definitely a treat and a nice change when you don’t want to get stuck in a long line at the crowded buffets.

- Kaito Sushi Bar offers a delicious sushi selection and even an all-you-can-eat option that is definitely worth the price. A variety of sushi options pass in front of you on colorful plates made fresh by the sushi chefs onboard.

Kaito Sushi Bar MSC Seascape
Udon Noodle Soup offered at Kaito Sushi Bar

- If sushi isn’t your thing Hola Taco also offers an all-you-can-eat option as well. Everything from tortilla soup to tacos and bean dip you definitely won’t leave hungry. Make sure to try one of the frozen margaritas before you leave!

- Kaito Teppanyaki is a dinner and show all in one. A treat for all ages.

- Finally, Butchers Cut is the Steakhouse onboard Seascape. It offers a variety of items from steaks to brunch.

4. Theme Parties

The most energetic crewmembers you’ll catch onboard is the Cruise Staff Team. In charge of running all the parties and events, you’re sure to find an evening theme that they’ve planned that is right up your alley. Whether you prefer the groovy music of the 70s and 80s or the boppy 20s for a Gatsby night at sea, the theme parties are always a blast. Keep an eye on the daily program to find out the theme of the evening and enjoy dancing your night away at sea.

For more about theme parties onboard MSC Seascape and what you should plan to wear click here :)

5. Photo Gallery

A highly skilled team of photographers will be available to you all cruise long to capture all your favorite memories. Whether it's a photo with the Captain, an embarkation day cheesy grin, or your gala night best, all your photos can be found using convenient kiosks in the middle of the ship outside of the Seascape bar. Facial recognition makes it easier than ever and tends to keep the lines to the photo desk just a little bit shorter.

6. Glass Bottom Bridges

Bridge of Sighs - MSC Seascape
Bridge of Sighs

Speaking of photos, the MSC Seascape DOES NOT lack any cool photo opportunity! Make sure to walk across one of the many glass bridges that jut out over the beautiful blue ocean water on deck 8 or my personal favorite, the Bridge of Sighs on the very back of deck 16!

7. Hall of Games

The ship's arcade is equipped with not only commercial-grade arcade games but virtual simulators as well. A 5-D theater and F1 Simulator are definitely the highlights but the other games are also a treat. You can check the opening hours on either your stateroom TV, the Me@MSC app, or the many touchpoint screens around the ship.

8. Pirate’s Cove

Potentially the most lively area around the ship for family fun is the ship’s aquapark. The waterslides glide you above the open sea and are a great way to cool down during a hot Caribbean day. The area offers bridges to climb and lots of fun water interactions for kids of all ages.

9. Times Square

Directly beneath the casino and right outside the Chora Theatre is the classy Time’s Square lounge modeled of course after the beautiful New York City. Keep an eye on the entertainment program and don’t miss seeing the Dueling pianos at least once during your cruise. The high-energy and talented pianist will get your whole family grooving!

10. Venchi 1878 Chocolate Bar

If you are a coffee drinker, you do not want to miss stopping in for a delicious caffeinated treat on at least one morning of your cruise. The ship's onboard chocolate bar offers a variety of beverages and desserts and the ship's chocolatiers always have new chocolate creations on display that are sure to impress. My personal favorite is a stracciatella affogato!

Venchi Chocolate Bar MSC Seascape
Stracciatella Affogato or espresso over gelato! Yum!

11. Karaoke in the Uptown Lounge

Ready to show off your star energy? Always a high-energy event the ship’s karaoke can be found on multiple nights often in the Uptown Lounge at the back of the ship on deck 8. Song selection offers music in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, and many more languages so everyone has an opportunity to show off their skills.

12. Chora Theatre

The main theater hosts some of the most impressive talent onboard the Seascape. A mix of dancing, singing, and acrobatics fills the stage with color each evening during your cruise.

13. Thermal Spa

Need some peace and quiet away from all the noise and excitement? The onboard spa offers a multitude of services that will help you fully relax during your vacation. Whether you need a massage, a manicure, a barber, or would like to spend some time meditating in the different environment rooms (Snow, Rain, Cool/Warm Breeze, etc.) the spa will definitely be a much-deserved reward for all the work you put in before coming on vacation.


No matter how you choose to spend your vacation onboard MSC Seascape the options for entertainment and fine dining are seemingly endless. Have you cruised with Seascape before? What was your favorite part and why? Let me know in the comments below!

Is it your first time cruising with the Italian cruise line? Here’s what you should know before booking your first cruise with MSC. If you enjoyed this article make sure to subscribe below to stay up to date with all things cruising and travel!

Sending love from MSC Seascape <3

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