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Travel Hacks

My Top 5 Travel Hacks

As travel industry professionals, we have traveled enough to have developed lots of travel hacks. We have plenty of tricks and are ready to reveal our favorite ones!


  1. When flying, put your toiletries and accessories in a small bag, then put it in your suitcase. If your luggage weighs too much, you can pull out this bag as your personal item and voila -- weight problem solved!

  2. Get yourself a reusable Makeup Eraser for your carry-on bag. This lightweight cloth is the best wipe, and it’s a money saver, too.

  3. The drinks package on a cruise ship is worth it, unless you plan to drink only water.

  4. Check out Facebook groups dedicated to your cruise line before you set sail. People in fan groups can answer any question you might have and offer their travel hacks and advice.

  5. Eat healthy while traveling by going grocery shopping! Buy fresh foods that you can eat at several meals, and skip the elaborate recipes or time-intensive cooking.

My Top 5 Cruising Tips
We also have some travel hacks specific to cruising.

  1. Enjoy yourself on your cruise! Out of all the cruising tips, this is the most important one -- although some people overlook it. Sure, it sounds simplistic, but go all out and treat yourself. Enjoy the ship amenities. Have fun, make friends, embarrass yourself! Your cruise will be over before you know it, and you can go back home with great stories to tell.

  2. Don’t go to the reception desk as soon as you board the ship. This is the busiest time! Wait until non-peak periods so you won’t have to stand in a long line.

  3. A cruise ship will leave you behind -- so don’t be late returning from port!

  4. Pack good walking shoes and a theft-proof backpack.

  5. Don’t ask crew members extremely personal questions, like how much money they make or how come they don’t just work on land. Remember that they are people too, and they can help you have a great time with their own cruising tips.

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