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Why You Waiting to Travel is B.S.

I travel for a living. That’s what I’ve done now for years and I can’t imagine the rest of my life being any different. There are so many ways to travel while still making a salary, big or small. Just like some people won’t accept a job without health care, I won’t accept one that traps me to one space and one desk.


Since I left everything behind and started working travel orientated and virtual related jobs, I get the same questions and responses from almost everyone that sees what I’m doing.

Of course I get the compliments,

  • “Oh wow that’s so cool!”

  • “Your life is so adventurous!”

Then I get the negative responses.

  • “That’s cool, but when are you going to get a real job?”

  • “Have you considered your future?”

Portofino, Italy
I'm living my life every single day. What about you?

And surprising enough none of those even get to me anymore. I get it that my life is different than the standard. It can be hard to leave stigmas and ideas behind. Nope, I don’t even worry about negative comment, but there still are responses that really bug me.

  • “Ugh I wish I could travel like you do.”

  • “One day I want your life.”

  • "If I had enough money I’d do the same thing.”

  • “You’re living my dream life.”

  • “I wish I could do the same thing.”

Okay before I offend anyone, I understand these are all meant to be compliments and none of these people mean any harm. I’m flattered I’m living a life many people dream of and I’m freaking proud of creating it for myself.

But there’s also something I have just got to get off my chest.

If you want to travel so badly why the frick aren’t you?!

Guys we only have one life. One maybe short life and I hate to get all cliché-ey on you but what are people grateful for on their deathbed? It sure isn’t all the hours they’ve spent in a cubicle.

Not to mention, all the excuses are always the same.

It’s too expensive to travel

First off let’s just talk about how I’m coming at you with less than like $100 dollars in my bank account consistently. I don’t have a savings. I just graduated from school so everything I make is going back to my student loans. I picked a job that literally pays for me to travel on top of my room and board. You could have that too. You still can.

There are so many jobs these days that you can work 100% virtually. It is easier than ever before to create your own business just by having a laptop and a strong enough passion and determination.


Everyone that doesn’t have stability craves it, but once we have it, what do we miss? Freedom right? I’m not saying you can’t have both but gosh we all have to start somewhere. Are you putting yourself in a crappy job just to pay off your crappy apartment just to eventually be able to have the money to see the world maybe tomorrow, maybe not?

Look around you. Where are you actually putting your money? I’m all for wasting money on expensive coffee, but hear me out on this. Please don’t sit there and say you can’t afford a weekend road trip but you still order in every night. Where are your priorities? Do you really want to travel somewhere or just dream of it and don’t want to put the work in?

~ You can’t say you want to lose weight and never change your lifestyle and eating habits. Nothing will ever happen.

~ You can’t say you want to eventually have enough money to travel somewhere and don’t make sacrifices in other areas. You will never go anywhere.

No more excuses.

I’m too busy

I am the queen of being busy. I always commit to a thousand gazillion things and stress myself out with over commitment. Yes, life is busy. Yes, having a family is hard. But if you’re so busy you can’t ever take a break then maybe you need to re-prioritize anyways.

Are you spending more time living life, or letting your life live you? When are you going to take control?


Did everyone in the back hear that?


Pink Doughnut
Prioritize what's important (like doughnuts!) and watch your happiness spike.

You don’t have to do every activity, commit to every thing and run around to every event. Saying no doesn’t make you a worse mom, sister, friend or wife. It makes you a human that literally operates better when you’re not drowning in too much stuff.

Are you not traveling because of your kids? Do some research and take them somewhere with you. That will give them so much more than any expensive Christmas toy ever will.

Schedule travel time in your planner. If it’s a high enough priority, like all those other ones, it will happen.

No more excuses.

I’m just not the kind of person that can just go.

It’s nerve-wracking to just up and do something. Whether it’s choosing a nomadic life like mine or just planning a weekend adventure in another state. Yes, it will take some money and some time.

Like every other thing in life!

Do you actually want to be a person that can just up and go somewhere and create something great? Is it actually a priority for you or would you rather daydream?

No more excuses.


So what are you actually waiting for? Do yourself and everyone else in your life a favor and book a ticket.

Before you have all the savings ready. Before you fill up your time with other things that you just “have” to always do. Before you’ve given yourself a chance to make an excuse. Before your body can’t travel the same way. Before it’s too late.


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Cruise Ship Employee
Are you waiting to start living your dream?

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As always, God Bless and I hope to see you somewhere around the world.

Love, Kait

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