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Why You Should Be Using Tik Tok As A Travel Blogger

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Tik Tok has easily become my favorite social media. The videos are short and easily consumable, the content is original and most important of all, Tik Tok has helped me grow more than any other social media I’ve tried before. I couldn’t be more thankful for how it has helped me gain not only new followers and subscribers but brand partnerships and lots of new friendships!

As a travel blogger, influencer or even entrepreneur Tik Tok is not something to overlook. If you’re not convinced why yet, let me give you a few reasons why this social media could be everything you’re looking for.

Why you need Tik Tok as a Blogger/Small Business

1.) A Different Type of Algorithm

All social media have different ways that content is pushed out to different viewers. These algorithms are constantly changing. In my opinion, it’s not vital to understand them extensively-at the end of the day, if you have a basic knowledge of the social platform and are creating great content, you’ll produce results.

Here’s what makes Tik Tok’s algorithm so unique to other common social platforms today. The “For You” page- Similar to Instagram’s “Discover” tab, Tik Tok’s “For You” is a feed full of content pulled based on the content you’ve previously liked or interacted with-and also showcasing currently trending videos.

Unlike in other social media where your content primarily only gets pushed out to your followers-and maybe a trickle of new people will stumble upon it as well, your content on Tik Tok is sent out to an audience with similar likes/preferences etc.

This means every single time you post you have the chance to engage with someone new.

2.) “Going Viral” is a lot more likely

Whether your virality leads to more followers or not, in this younger platform it is much easier to have your content explode to large audiences. This has to do in part to the algorithm and in part to the uniqueness of the “For You” page. Similar to Vine’s layout, you always have the chance to find new and trending content even if you aren’t following the users.

Other social medias are so saturated with travel content. Here you will have a chance to have your own space. (At least for now! It’s growing faster every day!)

3.) It is the perfect conversion tool

Although Tik Tok is fairly new to building a creators marketplace for marketing with their users, the social media still acts as a perfect funnel for you and your business. Since joining Tik Tok, I have seen my numbers on my blog, Instagram and Youtube explode even without additional promotion.

However, with so many users and the app trending more and more every day, I would be surprised if more and more companies don’t jump on the opportunity to promote with this new media.

Now that I’ve convinced you why you should be on Tik Tok-If just for the fun of it wasn’t enough ;)

Let’s talk about how we’re gonna start building that killer profile and audience!

What you need for your first viral video

1.) Watch the Videos!

I know you’re excited to get out there and start making content but please take the time to familiarize yourself with the app! Watch styles of other creators that are trending. See what makes their videos appeasing to the eye and what makes you want to finish watching instead of scrolling away.

Remember, the average user only watches 5 seconds or less of each video, so how will you pull your viewers in those first few seconds? Watch Time is also important to the algorithm!

Familiarize yourself with the trends, and get involved. When you decide it’s time to create, use trending songs/dances/challenges to help accelerate your content even more.

Timing is everything so keep up with the trends, while still adding your unique touch!

When I first got my Tik Tok, it was primarily just for fun! I wasn't planning on posting at all. Then I got jealous of all the people giving out tips at their jobs and careers and I wanted to share more about my life onboard! I had no idea how far it would take me!

All The Products I Use To Make My Videos On The Go!

2.) Be Informative

When it comes to straight entertainment, the market is TOUGH. It’s an app full of special transitions, dancing, singing, cool tricks you name it. Is there something wrong with posting that dance video? Of course not! Make your profile personal, but as a general rule of thumb, make your videos informative!

Looking back at my first viral video, it had few of the things a lot of other viral videos have, but it was informative and kept the users watching! That's so important!

Why should users want to follow you? What do you have to offer? Travel tips? Photography hacks? Packing advice? What is it that would attract you to want to see more from someone else? Give real and raw information and don’t try to just bait users for a follow. Seek to educate your audience.

3.) Make sure your text is clear and readable

This is a mistake I see ALL the time from first time Tik Tok-ers! The text is too far to the right and covered by the profile picture, too high, or even too low and covered by the caption! Remember, viewers are processing information at fast speeds so if yours is inconvenient in any way, they might just keep swiping.

4.) Use your analytics to know the best times to post

The first thing you should do after you’ve created your profile is to switch to a pro-account! In the settings, you’ll see the option and once you’ve changed your account style you’ll be able to see all your analytics on your vides, watch times, and even what your followers are liking, and when they’re active!

Yes, you should try to post multiple times a day- I strive for 1-3 times- but most importantly; you should be posting during prime hours! A video can get lost on the “For You Page” in moments, so you want to be posting when people are active and will see it! For example, I don’t stick to it exactly as every day is different, but most of my users are active between 8-10 pm so I try to post my favorite content in that time frame. (and do a little prayer as I hit post!)

5.) Don’t delete your posts

Blow-ups on Tik Tok are more random than any other social media I’ve ever used. One day I think a vide of mine has flopped and I go on to keep posting and then a week later I notice a few new comments and see it has grown without me even noticing. Whereas other videos seem off to a good start and die down within a few hours. It’s hard to tell and lifespans of videos last quite a bit longer than they do on YouTube or even Facebook. Give it time and trust your content.

If you don’t want a video on your page anymore, instead of deleting it, make it private for only your eyes. No one else will be able to view it or search for it again. Tik Tok takes into account when videos are deleted and it could potentially slow down the growth of your future videos. If you don’t believe in your content, why should they right?

6.) Channel your followers

Don’t just re-post your content from other platforms, but do make sure to attach your website/Instagram/youtube in your profile. Every once in awhile give your followers an incentive of why they should want to follow you elsewhere, but don’t push so hard that they feel like they’re only numbers and you don’t care. I’ve seen influencers lose followers because they got annoyed by the consent pushing.

7.) Be Yourself

I know this sounds like the cheesiest tip in the world but it’s so important, especially on Tik Tok! Whereas a lot of social media you seek to showcase your best side, one of the selling points of Tik Tok is you don’t have to be “Instagram-Perfect” Be real, have fun and let your personality shine!

Have Fun and Be Creative!

Now that you know everything you need to know to create that first amazing video, start creating! Create lists of the cheapest places to vacation, your best packing hacks, or the local food you eat! Create a day in your life as a traveler and why it makes you unique. Show your style on the road or your style at the beach. Don’t be intimidated by the new platform, be consistent, and have so much fun.

Please, don’t get discouraged. Sometimes it takes time to grow, and then one day, you’ll wake up to 100 followers that just can’t stop growing! When you hit 1,000 you’ll be able to make your first "live" and can maybe offer followers a whole other peak into your life! Whatever it is you do, whatever it is you love, capture that, and people will flock!

Check out my feed if you need some inspiration ;) I can’t wait to see what you create!


If you've enjoyed this article and want to know more about travel, travel blogging, or all things adventure, make sure to subscribe to get all the latest updates! You can even find me on Instagram or Tik Tok! (As I said before I have WAAYYY too much fun on Tik Tok, so I hope to see you there!) Tag me in your videos and photos so I can show you some love and we can create an amazing travel community! :)

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