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The Best Leggings For Travel

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Although I do slightly envy all the fashionistas I see checking their bags at the airport, for me, comfort is ALWAYS the name of the game. I’ve flown before in dresses and jeans and at the end of my trips I look like a hot mess anyway, and I’m so ready to change into something comfy and throw my hair up in a messy bun. Not exactly the energy I’m always looking for going into a big trip!

I have the best job in the world working onboard a cruise ship so I’m allllwwaayyyss on the move! No matter if you travel frequently like me, or just every once in a while, I find it so important to be as comfortable as possible to properly rest while you’re traveling that way you’re ready to hit the ground running when that flight touches down!

So what do I wear every single flight? Leggings, leggings, leggings!

I have learned my fair share of packing tips along the way and what you wear is almost as important as what is in your bag! If I’m traveling somewhere hot, I pack shorts in my carry on to change into later. If I need to be cute when I land, it’s so easy to dress leggings up and freshen up in the bathroom before exiting the gate. And if I have no reason to be all-fancy at all, you better believe I’ll have a sweatshirt tied around my waist. (Some planes are just so cold so layers are always a good bet.) Here are my top 5 favorite leggings no matter the look or trip!

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These leggings are hands down the most expensive I've bought but at the same time, my absolute favorite ever pair of leggings I’ve ever purchased. I bought them when I was looking for a legging that wouldn’t slide off my waist when I was running and they more than delivered.

Not only do I wear them when I workout but the seamless design is ultra-comfy while the high waste covers up my tummy without suffocating it. Not to mention I think my booty looks even perkier than usual :p


Ultra slimming and flattering shape

Doesn’t budge once it’s on

Who doesn’t like a nice pair of black leggings that you can pair with everything?


Definitely on the high end of what I would pay for a good pair of leggings

The material can get a bit warm as it’s not your traditional legging fabric

I first signed up for Fabletics for their amazing 2 for $24 sign-up-sale, and in general, am still a pretty big fan of the brand. Most of the leggings I’ve purchased with them have worn out a bit over time. Still decent quality but don’t hold to my waist the same way as when I first bought them

HOWEVER, my favorite white leggings are still from Fabletics-white is hard to find without feeling transparent plus these ones have pockets! Plus I can’t really complain with how cheap they were and I still use them and recommend them to travel, but won’t run in them anymore.

I canceled my membership because in case you forget to “buy” or “skip” a month your account does get credited for $45 for another month and I’m rarely at home long enough to keep up with any subscriptions services nor do I need brand new leggings every single month.


Pretty affordable

Lots of cute designs, options with pockets and styles


A subscription service where the best deals are only offered to members

Quality lessened a bit over time

Everything is offered in “packages” so sometimes it’s hard to just solo shop

I hate that I’m going back to the same brand twice but guys I just fell in love with this brand. The older I get the more I’m willing to pay for nicer things if I know they’re going to last.

Similar to the black seamless leggings, these gym shark leggings hold up so well on my waist I never find myself re-adjusting.


Lighter fabric that stays pretty cool

Super cool designs I get complimented on all the time


Still a bit pricey

No pockets-I know that sounds silly but pockets are so important to me when traveling there are so many important things to hold

Even when yoga pants were in, I still wasn’t a yoga pants person. A.) They seem a lot more casual to me than leggings-don’t ask me why but I said what I said. And B.) As a tall person, where a legging fit doesn’t matter if it’s a bit shorter, yoga pants that hit too high are just not it.

Then my mom found these amazing yoga pants on sale for only $15 at Old Navy and I fell in love. To this day, they’re still the only yoga pants I’ll wear out of the house.


Super affordable (probably the cheapest thing on this list I’m not gonna lie)

Super flattering to long legs, a nice high waist and makes your butt look good!


Not leggings, nor would I wear them for anything but leisure or a long plane ride.

Still no pockets

5.) Amazon Black Leggings w/Pockets

Not the best leggings in the world, but not a bad pair to have in your carry-on and hey I love the pockets. Mine lasted about a year or so before I started getting some holes in the seams but you can never have enough black leggings so I wanted to add them to the list.


Super cheap

Pockets and pretty breathy and lightweight


With a cheaper legging, you don’t get the same perks of having it hide trouble areas-a bit thinner

Wore out after less than a year


No matter what the trip is, or even if you just want a nice pair of leggings to wear around the house, I hope this list gives you a good idea of what to look for and keeps you comfortable for your entire flight! Did you find this article helpful? Look at what else I have in my carry-on no matter what! Or just in need of other travel accessories that fit the budget? I made a list of must-haves under $10 for that next trip!


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