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How Can I Help Australia?

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

So it’s not a big surprise that Australia has gone up in flames. A billion animals have already been killed and many people have lost their lives as well. As a world, and I’ll admit, I do the same, out of sight often means out of mind. Despite news coverage, for most of us, Australia just feels like worlds away.


The beautiful country gained our attention for a moment, but as the rains begin to fall and the wildfires begin to slow, people start to turn away from aiding Australia. The fires are beginning to go out so the problem is solved right? Wrong.

Just like an island needs even more help after being destroyed by a hurricane, Australia needs more help now to start the long process of restoring the bush, wildlife and even rebuilding the thousands of houses that were burnt down during the driest and deadliest fires of all time in the country’s history.

But how can I help? I’m glad you’ve asked. There are lots of different ways to help and send support to Australia including but not limited to the following:

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Buy someone special in your life a gift

Want to donate to the cause but just have too many things pulling out of your wallet this month? Kill two birds with one stone! (Figuratively of course because the goal here is to actually save the wildlife.)

Australia’s Buy From The Bush features all kinds of local businesses offerings for sale from rural communities affected by the fires. From crafting to fashion, you can find any perfect gift for your sweetheart this Valentine's day and know your funds are going back towards helping restore affected individual’s lives.

BFTB has an Instagram highlighting all the local goods with the mindset of connecting local businesses to the big city buyers.

Donate Clothing and Household Goods

If you live a little bit closer to the affected areas, they need more than just monetary donations! The Australian Red Cross is accepting an array of donations. From clothing to household goodies, many affected families are lacking necessities.

If you have any extra things around the house or clothes that you just don’t wear anymore, consider skipping the yard sale and donating excess items. Over 2,000 houses have already burnt down so no donation is too little.

Raise Money for Donations

If you live just a bit too far away to make a physical donation, consider sending a monetary one. Many worthwhile causes are contributing to the aid of Australia varying in an array of causes.

World Wildlife Fund is focusing its efforts on protecting the already dangerously shrinking koala bear population. Even aside from the fires, the land is getting bulldozed and the goal of WWF is to find healthy ways to protect these animals.

Other organizations have also been working day and night to aid the cause. Wires, which specializes in animal rehabilitation, has been working 7 days a week, to protect and rehabilitate all kinds of wildlife that just didn’t have a chance fighting drought, and fire.

However, it’s not just the animals and wildlife suffering. The Food Bank in Australia has also been called into action. It has been working overtime to send relief to communities that have been entirely cut off from basic necessities.

For every dollar donated, 6 dollars of donations can be provided to families that desperately need food or power.

And there are many, many other causes as well. Find something you’re passionate about and remember, even the smallest donation can make an impact.

Start a social media conversation

Part of the reason great organizations have already been able to raise substantial amounts of money to aid in the effort against the bushfires in Australia is due to social media awareness. Let your friends know what’s going on. Share this blog or similar ones informing about how we can make a difference.

If you can’t physically donate money, even just starting a conversation with family or your followers across social media will help increase awareness and let the world know how urgent this need truly is.


What will you do to help our beautiful planet and our friends in Australia?

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