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The Ultimate List Of Food To Eat In The Caribbean

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Every island in the Caribbean has its charm, culture, colors, and most importantly food! Although there are a couple of staples you can pick up no matter what, here’s what your taste buds need to experience the next time you’re island hopping.

Caribbean Beaches and Food
Caribbean Foods You Just Have To Try!


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Jamaica is famously known for its jerk chicken but that’s not the only thing you should be loading up on your plate. Make room for multiple meals this stop and order a Jamaican Juicy Patty as well! Similar to a pita, a patty is stuffed full of spicy (or non-spicy) veggies, chicken, or beef. Wash it down with a red stripe, a local brew, or even a Ting, a local soda similar to a Sprite with just a bit more lime!

Jamaican Patties
Jamaican Patty-Stuffed with Beef!


I know Mexico is not technically in the Caribbean but I just had to include it into this list.

This might sound obvious, but if you haven’t had an authentic Mexican taco, you can’t pass up one more opportunity. Traditional Mexican tacos are maybe a bit smaller than you may be accustomed to and almost always come served on handmade corn tortillas with lots of peppers, onions, and cilantro to top off your meat of choice.

Puerto Rico

As an avid street foodie, I’ve yet to come across anything that has made my mouth water as much as the goodies sold across the streets in Puerto Rico. If you don't try a Tripleta before leaving Puerto Rico you've missed out! Stuffed with three kinds of meat this savory snack will make you want to come back for more as soon as possible. Not a meat-eater? No worries, lots of non-meat options exist. It would be impressive to order something that didn’t taste incredible.


Ground maize dough sandwiching juicy meat that will make you drool is what you should expect from a Venezuelan Arepa. There are lots of different ways that they can be cooked so if you have the chance, try all the variations and I promise you a very happy tummy!


Lobster in Havana
Buttered Lobster in Havana, Cuba served with rice

Famous for rum and cigars, Cuba’s food is sometimes just overlooked, but don’t make the same mistake yourself. At almost every Cuban restaurant you can find the most beautiful lobster and a wide seafood selection. There are so many different ways to order your lobster and at the price they sell, you’ll be able to afford multiple.


Probably the most popular food in Honduras, Baleadas are tortillas filled with refried beans, eggs, avocado, and typical Honduran spices and sauces. You can always make sure to stop for a Honduran tamale as well, but you most certainly will want to go back for a second Baleada as well. There are many more specialties and many more countries to travel too so expect part two! (These are just the list of ones that I have specifically tried and DEFINITELY approved!


What’s the best food you’ve tried in one of the beautiful Caribbean islands that you just can’t replicate at home? Comment below your favorite dishes so I can find my new favorite!

Interested in trying new cuisines? Make sure to check out How To Make Authentic Nepali Cuisine At Home too! And of course don't forget to subscribe below to keep updated on all things travel, food and adventure!

Sending love from the Caribbean <3

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